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(Click on image for larger view)Wetherbee Farm has a selection of young horses available for sale now. Check out the galleries below or contact us and let us know what you are looking for. We also take horses for training, both short and long term.  

The following excerpt from the Equine Journal, May 2005, cover story on Wetherbee Farm highlights our breeding program and philosophy, as well as our strategy for producing successful, athletic horses.

Currently there are approximately 25 youngsters at the farm, as they average between 8 and 10 foals each year. Horses of a wide variety are available as different breeds and bloodlines are represented in the program to create an athletic individual with a great disposition. "The youngsters are showing some real promise," comments Gladys.

(Click on image for larger view)One advantage of selling 4 - 6 year olds rather than weanlings is that they have time to grow up in a herd and be supervised by Wetherbee's talented staff which results in the new owner's complete knowledge of the horses' histories which many horse owners never receive from others. Rondi Keaney is in charge of the breeding, foaling, nutrition, and health care. Rondi Keaney, Ann Geoghegan, and Alyssa Gagnon do the handling, round penning, long lining and three-year-old backing. At 3 to 5 the horses begin their consistent training schedule under Rondi.  Brett Gaby, DVM and Amy Clark, DVM of Essex Equine, oversee the foaling and the young horses' medical needs. Neo Ruiz performs the trimming and shoeing from weanlings to competitive horses.

(Click on image for larger view)This method seems to be working as some of our first foals are now competing in combined training and doing well with Bruce Davidson, Suzie Gornall and Ann Geoghegan. Tricia O'Connor has taken some into the hunter ring and has done very well there.


Contact Information

For further information please contact Rondi at Wetherbee Farm Stables during the day at 978.263.8321 or send  us email.

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